Lets play... WHEEL OF FISH! (picture donated by Elvis)

There is the 27 List and the Movie List, but they don't have the.....drum roll please.....FISH LIST! Now YOU can view all the fishy things there is to Al.... sometimes.

Here   it   is!!!

    Album Covers:
  1. On the cover of "Dare To Be Stupid" on the right of Al there is a gold fish floating (or swimming) in space.
  2. On the cover of "Greatest Hits" on Al's shirt there are a few designs of fish.


  3. In the song "Dare To Be Stupid" Al sings,"It's like spitting on a fish,". (contributed by Elvis)
  4. In the song "Dare To Be Stupid" Al sings "You can eat a lot of sushi and forget to leave the tip."


  5. In the music video of "Dare To Be Stupid", when it shows the couple in the big tank and when the girl says," I do.", there are fish in the backround.
  6. In the music video of "Like A Surgeon" it shows an I.V. with a gold fish swimming in it.
  7. In the movie "The Compleat Al" when it shows right when Al is in Japan, before it shows him crossing the bridge with his accordian, you see a little lake and guess what is in the little lake?.... FISH! Yeah! Fish! Nibbling at food!
  8. Also in the movie "The Compleat Al", when they're singing Eat It in Japanese, the fat Japanese guy puts a gold fish in his drink and ate the fish while drinking the drink.
  9. And still also in the movie "The Compleat Al", when Al is looking for food in Japan, he finds a little market selling raw fish and says," EEEEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!".
  10. And still in the movie "The Compleat Al", when Al is in the session for the Dare To Be Stupid music video, the director says,"I'll need fish eye lens and a crane.".(contributed by Tony)
  11. In the movie "UHF", there is a show on station U-62 called "Wheel Of Fish". (contributed by Elvis)
  12. Also in the movie "UHF", Uncle havey said,"...more people watch the fish tank at Louie's Pet Store...". (contributed by Tony)
  13. In episode 3609 of the Weird Al Show("He's Not Heavy, He's My Hamster"), on Time for TV, Al does a parody of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and does "Sabrina The Teenage Fish".

Contributors: Elvis, Tony,and Me!
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