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A "Weird Al" Yankovic Concert

An Autobiography By Timo

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there lived a kid named Timo. He was a nice kid. He might have done a bad thing here or there, like setting the car on fire or beating up the cat, but who cares, he was still a nice guy. Well, lets go on. But he was a big fan of "Weird Al" Yankovic. He had all his albums, pictures, movies, etc... But there was one thing he was missing: going to one of his concerts.

Three years past and he still hasn't gone to one of Al's concert. So then it hit him. He was going to ask one of his parents! Right now you're probably thinking: You big idiotic dumb bell! You should have thoght of that three years ago when you thought of it! Warning: you're leaning towards the edge of STUPIDITY!!! Well anyway, he asked his mom and dad and guess what they said. Well, that is dumb. These things happen. They ask, "...and guess what they said!". You know they're going to say yes! Lets go on. So Timo is all happy! He started jumping off the walls, on his bed, and anything else he can think of jumping on and off of.

A month passed and it was time for Timo to go to the concert. His mom brought him and he was all excited and jumpy. Before the concert he made a t-shirt for Al. It has a "Weird Al" smiley face and on the back "Weird Al" surfing in the ocean with the location and date of the concert. He got to give it to him. Not personally though. Mongo brought it to him.

Now it was time for the concert. Before Al there was a comedian. He was so funny! Timo loved the joke about the smurf pee! (laughing) Oh My God! That was so funny! Well, then it was Al's turn to come on. Timo waited in front of the dressing room for him to come out for him to give me a high five, then other people saw me and they came to do the same thing. So Al came out. Then he realised that they wanted a high five. So he came running with his hands out. Timo was the first one in the line. Timo thinks he gave him a high five. He might have skimmed his hand. He's not sure. Oh well.

The concert went on. Timo wished it would never end! But it did. As Timo waited in the screaming and cheerful crowed it struck 12:00 a.m. on Timo's brand new, shiney, waterproof, polished, indiglo sports watch.. Then suddenly Lynette came out and said," Al will give you autographs now. You will have to make it quick because Al has to be in Pennsylvania tomorrow,". Then Timo screamed out," YOU ARE A GOD!"

It was Timo's turn next in line when Al looked up to ask Timo's name, Timo said," I'm the kid who made the t-shirt for you." And Al said in a cheerful way," Oh really? Thanks!". Then he gave Timo his autograph.



Ummm, this is Timo. Yes, this story is true.... well, some of it. All the stuff about the concert was true, but not the first two paragraphs about the asking of the concert. I hope you really liked the concert review. I tried to put humor in it. I think I did, If you laughed, I guess I did. Well, you can e-mail me telling me how my story is. Also, the pic on the top of the page is not a picture from the concert. Just telling you.